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Prof. Hicher from Ecoles Centrales gives an academic lecture

From 8th March to 12th March, Pierre-yves Hicher had given a series of academic lectures on Soil Dynamics at Room 211 in our lab.

Prof. Hicher gives the lecture.

This series of lectures includes vibration, seismic wave propagation, triaxial experiments and liquefaction. At first, the lectures about vibration and seismic wave propagation were given which focused on Damped Free Vibration, Damped Forced Vibration and Seismic Wave Propagation. Prof. Hicher showed the vibration rule with excellent presentation and simple model, deduced formulas with classmates, and animated the propagation of different seismic waves in soil media. Then, he introduced triaxial experiment, including the unconsolidated undrained shear test (UU test), the consolidated undrained shear test (CU test) and the consolidated drained shear test (CD test), and showed their different results. He pointed out that different test methods caused different test data. Suitable analysis should be made on the basis of actual project situation. At last, Hicher explained the liquefaction in advanced soil mechanics. Through the pictures, he showed the failure forms of liquefaction to students, and showed them the obtained data, calculation formula and numerical simulation results. After the lecture, Prof. Hicher had a further discussion with students which benefited them a lot.

Prof. Hicher has a further discussion with students.

Prof. Hicher received his Ph.D. in engineering at Ecoles Centrales in 1979, and his Ph.D. in physics at Curie University in 1985, whose research covers many frontier fields of geotechnical engineering, such as the scale effect and movement of soil particle, cyclic loading as well as soil material rheology. Years before, Prof. Pierre-yves Hicher once worked as a part-time scientific consultant in the French Department of Mechanical Materials Research, a researcher in the Soil-Structure-Materials Laboratory of the French Centre for Scientific Research, director of Nantes-Saint-Nasser Civil Engineering Laboratory, director of the Institute of Civil Engineering Mechanics, French Centre for Scientific Research, a Visiting Professor at the University of Massachusetts, etc. Now, as an outstanding expert in soil mechanics, Hicher is a tenured professor at the Central Polytechnic University of France and an Associate Editor of ASCE.