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The fourth meeting of the second academic committee of SKLGP was held successfully

December 17, 2018 witnessed the successful opening of the fourth meeting of the second academic committee of SKLGP at The Beijing Xinjiang Plaza. Present at the meeting were Academician Wang Sijing, Academician Duoji, Academician Wu Fengchang, Director Liu Yu, Researcher Yin Yueping, Prof. Peng Jianbing, Prof. Li Xiti, Prof. Feng Xiating, Prof. Shibin, Prof. Chen Jianping and Prof. Song Shengwu. And Prof. Liu Qingyou, President of Chengdu University of Technology, participated the meeting as the permanent researcher of our lab.

At the opening ceremony, Prof. Liu Qingyou, the principal of CDUT, on behalf of the school, express a warm welcome to the experts from the Committee, and extend his appreciation to the experts for their contribution to our lab.

Academician Wang Sijing, director of the Committee, chaired the meeting. At the beginning, Prof. Xu Qiang, Deputy Director of our lab, made a summary report on the work of the Laboratory in 2018. He introduced in details the main work and achievements of our lab in fields of scientific research, social services, team building and personnel training, open cooperation and exchange, platform construction and operation management in 2018.

With the help of superior department and supporting institution, we have made remarkable achievements in scientific research, high-level personnel training, opening and exchange, operation and management in 2018, and have successfully achieved the planned goals. By the end of November 2018, 248 research projects, including 153 research projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and the National Key Research and Development Program, had been made by our researchers in this year, with a total contract fund of 123.2264 million yuan and contract fund of 68.9297 million yuan. There are 180 SCI papers (17 papers in one district) published by our permanent staff; we have obtained many patents in this year, including 33 for invention, 21 for utility model and 11 for computer software copyrights; one new outstanding youth fund of the Natural Science Foundation was added; the third iRALL international doctoral school was opened in our lab; Prof. Huang Runqiu won Academic Lifetime Achievement Award by International Association of Engineering Geology and Environment (IAEG) in 2018. Prof. Xu Qiang was awarded the title of Certified Specialist In China Engineering Education; Prof. Pei Xiangjun and Prof. Fan Xuanmei were selected as Leading Talent of high-level personnel training project for the ministry of natural resources; Prof. Pu Shengyan was awarded the first Young Scientist Award of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences (Golden Prize); Prof. Hu Wei was selected into “Science and Technology Elite Project” of Tianfu 10, 000 Initiative; Prof. Huang Huan won the Youth Innovation Award of the Second Technical and Economic Award.

Subsequently, Prof. Xu Qiang reported five achievements of our lab, which paved the way for the evaluation of Ministry of Science and Technology to our lab next year. At the same time, Prof. Xu Qiang also made a further introduction of our plan in fields of scientific research, team building and training, cooperation and exchange, operation and management, and platform building in 2019. On the basis of praising our achievements in 2018, the participants and experts put forward valuable suggestions on academic development, subject characteristics, promotion of scientific theory, transformation of technological achievements, personnel training and introduction, and laboratory management and operation in the next five years or even longer.

On the afternoon, members of the Academic Committee also reviewed the research projects of our lab and annual open fund projects for the next year.

Group photo of participating representatives

Principal Liu Qingyou giving the welcome speech

Academician Wang Sijing spoke at the meeting

Prof. Peng Jianbing spoke at the meeting

Prof. Xu Qiang delivered an annual work report