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SKLGP's Academic Committee Election Meeting and the First Meeting of the Third Academic Committee Held in Beijing

On the morning of January 9, 2021, the Academic Committee Election Meeting and the First Meeting of the Third Academic Committee of SKLGP was held in Beijing, with the attendance of academic committee experts such as Academician Wang Sijing, Academician Cui Peng, Academician Chen Yunmin, Academician Lai Yuanming, Academician Peng Jianbing, Academician Feng Xiating, Yan Jinding (Director of State Key Laboratory Management of High-tech Research and Development Center), Hu Qijun (Deputy Director of Basic Research Department, Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province), Huang Runqiu (Minister of the Ministry of Ecological Environment and Director of SKLGP), Liu Qingyou (President of CDUT), Xu Qiang (Vice-president of CDUT and Executive Deputy Director of SKLGP), and some regular personnel and functional heads who gathered together online and offline to summarize the work of the 13th Five-Year Plan, especially the work in 2020, and also make the 14th Five-Year Plan. The meeting was presided over by Xu Qiang.

At the meeting, President Liu Qingyou delivered a welcome speech on behalf of CDUT, expressing his gratitude to Minister Huang Runqiu, and to all the academicians, experts and scholars who had been supporting CDUT for a long-term. President Liu hoped that our lab could achieve more and better results, and wished the conference a complete success.

First of all, the Academic Committee Election Meeting of SKLGP was held. The second academic committee members discussed and approved the list of the third academic committee members and the director of the Third Academic Committee, as Academician Peng Jianbing was elected director, Academician Chen Yunmin and Researcher Yin Yueping deputy directors. Director Huang Runqiu presented souvenirs to the representatives of the Second Academic Committee and issued appointment letters to the directors and representatives of the Third Academic Committee.

Academician Wang Sijing, the second academic committee director, sent his blessing to the conference and his expectation for future SKLGP through video. He said that in recent years, our lab has always been focusing on the world's cutting edge of science and technology, the main economic battlefield and the major national needs, attached great importance to the application and development of modern scientific and technological achievements, and contributed a large number of national achievements, which promoted and led the progress of China's engineering geological research and practice. It played an insignificant role in international societies and academic researches, and won the praise and affirmation from peers all over the world. At the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, we should summarize the research achievements of the past five years, focus on the strategic direction of disaster prevention and mitigation and ecological civilization construction, attach importance to the cultivation of the second echelon talents, forge ahead in the new era and make new achievements.

Director Huang Runqiu expressed his heartfelt thanks for the selfless dedication and help of the last academic committee. He pointed out that the academic committee plays a key role in guiding and promoting, and expected the new committee to play an important role in the long-term development of the laboratory. For the development direction of SKLGP during the "14th Five-Year" period, Huang put forward three specific requirements: First, practice Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization, hold high the banner of harmonious co-existence between man and nature, to build the laboratory into a base for practicing Xi Jinping's ecological civilization and scientific innovation ideas, and tie the general secretary's idea tightly with our construction and development. Second, we should continue to do a good job in the “three persistence”: persistence in academic leading, persistence in operation internationalization, and persistence in achievement socialization. Support the laboratory with first-class basic research to serve the society better, refine scientific problems from national major projects and major needs, and write papers on the motherland. Third, adhering to the people-oriented principle, build the laboratory into a platform for joint undertaking and a spiritual home for unity and struggle.

Yan Jinding shared the new situation of the construction and development of State key laboratory. He said that in the government work report of 2019, it is proposed for the first time to "pay close attention to the layout of state laboratories and restructure the system of State Key Laboratories". The innovation level and scientific research output of state key laboratories are important forces to boost the innovation-driven development strategy, and are the "national teams" and "main forces" in scientific and technological innovation. In this regard, we should improve our political position, further reform and innovate bravely to make SKLGP an important national strategic scientific force.

Then, Xu Qiang reported our achievements in 2020 to the new members, briefly summarized the achievements of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and introduced the outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan. In the past five years, SKLGP has successfully completed objectives and tasks in scientific research, team building and talent training, platform construction, opening-up and exchange, and operation management, etc. The laboratory strengthens the combination between the existing team and the new team to further optimize team building. As an important talent training base and international exchange and cooperation base in the field of geohazards in China, SKLGP actively support young scholars to visit, exchange and study abroad, and attract many international well-known experts to visit and teach regularly in SKLGP through the Talent Introduction Program. Moreover, for five years in a row, we have independently organized iRALL school, which trained more than 142 doctoral students from all over the world.

After the laboratory work report, Academician Chen Yunmin presided over the First Meeting of the Third Academic Committee to consider the 2020 annual work report and the five-year work summary report. Academician Peng Jianbing, director of the new academic committee, said that combining with international frontier we should further strengthen basic research, and actively apply for national major research programs. Scientific research should be tied closely with major national strategies and demands. Present academicians and experts all said that the achievements of SKLGP in recent years were higher than expected. They also said that, in the future development, it would be particularly important to condense the highlights that are consistent with the national science and technology strategy, and put forward constructive suggestions on talent introducing and training, interdisciplinary innovation, high-level academic output and other work.

Director Huang Runqiu made a concluding speech. He expressed his thanks to the experts for their suggestions and encouragement. He pointed out that the current achievements should be transformed into the driving force to promote future development, and hoped that SKLGP could adhere to the rigorous and pragmatic attitude, pay attention to national strategy and major needs, refine research characteristics, seek for scientific innovation and breakthrough, and constantly improve our research level and influence.

That afternoon , the academic committee reviewed the independent research projects and annual open fund projects of SKLGP for the next year.

Group photo of offline meeting 

Photo of offline meeting