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The Jiuzhaigou national park is expected to open before National Day since the disaster treatment of the Sparking Lake led by Prof. Pei Xiangjun of the SKLGP has performed successfully .

  The Repaired Sparking Lake

Recently, Phrased Review Meeting on Experimental Research Program for Protecting and Cultivating Sparking Lake, a world natural heritage site, was held in Jiuzhaigou Valley, with the participation of a cluster of related experts. After hearing the report delivered by Prof. Pei of the SKLGP, they agreed that disaster prevention and mitigation of the lack has been implemented smoothly and yielding good results. In August of this year, Jiuzhaigou County had to activate the highest level of flood control response due to the once-in-a-century great flood in Sichuan. The effects of the flood were taking a toll as Jiuzhaigou suffered more, such as collapse, landslide, waterlogging road, and deeper gully and mire carved out by rainwater. On the other hand, many roads and houses in there were sapped by the flood. Due to the restoration of Sparking Lake, the dam body in the lake play an important role in controlling the flood, which has been fully affirmed by the experts attending the meeting.

   Sparking Lake in 2017 after suffering an earthquake

The dam in the lake busted during the 7.0-magnitude earthquake on August 8, 2017, forming a crevasse with 40 meters long, 12 meters wide and 15 meters high, resulting in the disappearance of the beautiful lake scenery. Furthermore, secondary disasters developed such as dam cracks and collapses in the upstream side of the lake, increasing the risk of lake group burst and posing a serious threat to the safety of lives and properties of local residents and tourists. Some damages in the travertine of the lakebed were appearing, such as collapse, weathering, desertification, black, serious degradation. Due to the deposition and the swamping near the lake downstream, the aesthetic value there was affected.

The upstream of the restored Sparking Lake


Given that protecting people’s lives and property and the world heritage site, Jiuzhaigou administration has organized some experts to pay the field visit and make scientific demonstration and scheme comparison on the damaged area of the lake after earthquake. In April 2019, Chengdu University of Technology was officially designated as the initiator to carry out the project, which was mainly responsible for protection of the lake. As the partners, Sichuan University and Sichuan Agricultural University would be responsible for the environmental project monitoring and evaluation and the ecological restoration of vegetation.

collapsing Sparking Lake before restoration


Guided by the principle of “priority for natural restoration; supplemented by human intervention”, Jiuzhaigou administration and project group made a restoration plan, that is by using sticky rice mortar, damaged travertine and collapsed rocks as the main raw materials, which received a positive answer from UNESCO World Heritage Centre and World Conservation Union. In accordance with “scientific research experiment, scientific monitoring, science education”, the plan repaired the earthquake-damaged dam body and vegetation ecology by applying related techniques such as vibro-replacement stone column and bamboo rock bolt planting bar to deal with secondary disasters. (reported by Zhang Li from CCTV)