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Research Direction

Major Research Directions

Based on the state key discipline "Geology Engineering" of CDUT, and with almost 60 years of discipline development, our lab has established four stable research directions by combining frontier disciplines and the key scientific problems.

Direction : Assessment and Prevention of Major Geohazards

Combined with the significant demand of sustainable development of economy and ecological development, this direction, based on the geological conditions of our country, especially the special geographic and geological conditions in western China, studies the geological backgrounds, regularities of development and distribution, formation mechanism, methods of assessment and prediction and measures of prevention and treatment of various superficial geohazards which are the natural processes, including landslide, collapse, debris flow, earth subsidence, surface collapse, fracture and unstable slope.

Direction : Crossfeed Action between Human and Geoenvironment and Controlling of Hazards

Combined with the construction of key projects, especially the projects in western China, this direction, aiming at main battlefields of economic construction and human activities, mainly studies and resolves rock and soil mass stability problems occurred in large-scale engineering construction, such as waterpower resources development, construction of high-grade highway, railway and large-scale civil airport, mining exploration, etc., and urban construction and development, analyzes and evaluates suitability of geoenvironment to all kinds of key projects construction and influence of project construction to geoenvironment, and studies the reciprocal effects mechanism between human activities and geoenvironment and the generating process of hazard and its controlling measures to harmonize relationship between human and geology and guarantee the reliability, security and economic rationality of construction.

Direction Ⅲ: Assessment and Protection of Regional Geoenvironment

Aiming at geological conditions of our country, especially the special geographic and geological conditions in western China, this direction, by studying and recognizing the formation mechanism of special geoenvironment conditions, studies and discusses the regional tectonic stability problems concerned with endogenetic geologic process, geoenvironment evolvement, assessment and protection concerned with superficial reconstruction and human activities, and restoration and reconstruction of eco-geological environment, for building mechanisms of regional geoenvironment assessment and joint controlling and coordinated protection of regional geo-ecological environment.

Direction Ⅳ: Monitoring and Early Warning System and Information Technology of Geohazard

Based on modern information technology and technology of earth observation of the space, and modern technologies of testing and monitoring, this direction is aimed to study and develop advanced and practical technology and software for surveying, testing, monitoring, early warning and emergency response to geohazard, in order to supply strong technology supports for geohazard prevention and geoenvironment protection.

Among the four directions mentioned above, Direction , considering geohazard as the natural process, mainly meets the need of state public good for geohazard prevention and mitigation by studying its generating mechanism, influence to human and hazard prevention. Direction mainly studies interaction between human activities and geoenvironment, and hazard prevention and controlling concerned with human construction for supporting state key project construction, which mainly serves the hazard prevention for state industrial departments and enterprises. Direction studies regional regularity of hazard formation and assessment and protection of regional geoenvironment from regional and large-scale perspectives, in order to supply macroscopic decision basis for establishing state macroscopic prevention measures to hazard, formulating policies, layout of economic development, sitting key projects and protecting regional geoenvironment. Direction supplies technology supports for the above three directions, and mainly studies and develops advanced and practical technology and software for surveying, testing, monitoring, early warning and emergency response to geohazard. The four directions of our lab are relatively independent, while inherently connecting and interdependent with each other. They have jointly formed the holistic scientific research and application system. Our researches and studies not only signify the frontier of discipline development and the key scientific problems in concerned fields, but also supply comprehensive theories and technologies supports for state key geohazard prevention and hazard controlling of key project construction.