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The lab highlights the importance of the academic cooperation and exchanges with other counterparts both from abroad and home.With the communication carrying on,the lab has become enlarging its reputation in the international world,and also brought the advanced methods into the lab to improve the construction of the lab.By upgrading the information of the academic theories and knowledge,we broaden our horizons and strengthen our ability to take responsibilities in running the lab successfully.

Since 2002,lots of visiting scholars and some famous experts came to our lab:the chairman of the international Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation -- professor Niek Rengers;professor sakai hitosi;the academician of the Canadian Academy of Engineering -- professor Richard J.Bathurst;the professors from Hongkong University — Longsheng Chen, Coast and Jiujiu Jiao;the lab have invited 20 famous scientists including academician Ziyuan Ouyang, Jun Sun, Yingren Zheng, Sijing Wang, Zhujiang Shen,Jin Ma etc.To come and gave lectures as well as exchanged the technology.Meanwhile,the lab have sent some outstanding members to study abroad and work in some research agencies,the countries may include Japan,England,Canada, Russian etc. we also keep contact with many brother universities:Chinese Academy of Science,Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences,Beijing University,Nanjing University,Wuhan University,Jilin University, Hongkong University, Hongkong University of technology etc,cultivate the doctors and post doctorates together,and improve the communication between the universities and labs to operate the programs.The lab has already made long-term collaborate relationship with the counterparts from U.S,Canada,France, European Space Agency,Russian,South Africa,Japan,Hong Kong,Taiwan. At home,we also cooperate with 8 agencies to train people to accomplish some important programs and build the scientific field training base.